TESOL & English teaching jobs in Hanoi


English teaching jobs in Hanoi attract all kinds of different people. You’ll find native English speakers, non-native English speakers, people with a full-on egalitarian streak, ‘grey nomads’, gap year folks, adventure seekers and others – a diverse crowd. While the diversity of the English teaching fraternity in Hanoi is on display for all to see, there’s a glaring commonality. What is it? Quality, government accredited TESOL certification of the kind that AVSE-TESOL delivers in Hanoi.

If you’re thinking about doing the Australian Government accredited TESOL course at AVSE-TESOL in Hanoi – and possibly staying on to teach in Hanoi – here’s a snapshot of the ‘once in a lifetime’ experience that awaits.


English teaching jobs in HanoiCapital City

Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital city, the centre of government and home to over seven million people. Sprinkled among the locals is a sizable expat community, including a decent number of people who are pursuing English teaching jobs in Hanoi. From an economic perspective, Hanoi is booming like the rest of Vietnam. Personally, I have always considered Hanoi to be very special. It dates back over 1000 years. Arguably, Hanoi is a city of unparalleled historical significance. With a ‘bohemian feel’, art and culture are on display for everyone to see and enjoy. Hanoi is one of the few places in the world where you can see breathtaking examples of the past, present and future within a matter of metres.

Hanoi has a temperate climate (for the majority of the year) – the traditional four seasons – and a pace of life that is noticeably slower than Ho Chi Minh City in the south of Vietnam.


Out & About

Local people in Hanoi love the ‘outdoors’ and engaging in passive recreation. From early morning through to the late evening, you’ll see Hanoians enjoying ‘street food’, exercising, having a quiet drink of some sort or ‘people-watching’ from one of the many outdoor coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. Most evenings ‘ad hoc’ dance classes and exercise groups do their thing in public open spaces. You’ll see sketch artists and ‘pop-up’ handicraft vendors plying their trade where they manage to find a metre or two of space.

With a relatively flat terrain, Hanoi is a great place to explore on foot or by bicycle. There are more than 100 lakes dotted around Hanoi, all with their own story and unique ambience. The John McCain monument at the Truc Bach Lake is a reminder of how quickly life changes and the power of forgiveness. Hoan Kiem Lake seems to be the ‘passive recreation area of choice’ for many folks engaged in English teaching jobs in Hanoi, most probably because it’s surrounded by a terrific pathway that’s suitable for walking or jogging. It’s also stunningly beautiful.

While the TESOL course at AVSE-TESOL in Hanoi is intensive, there will be ample time to take in the best of what the city has to offer. Must-visit locations in and around the city include the Old Quarter (a popular hang-out for folks pursuing English teaching jobs in Hanoi), the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long and Ba Vi National Park (48 kilometres from Hanoi’s Central business district). Dong Xuan Market is also worth checking out if only to observe the ebb and flow of business, Vietnamese style.

If nightlife is your thing, the following places are well worth visiting: Bia Hoi Junction, the Bank Night Club, the Dragonfly Lounge Bar and Binh Minh’s Jazz Club. The Water Puppet Theatre receives an ‘honourable mention’. On the subject of ‘nightlife’, keep in mind that the TESOL course at AVSE-TESOL – and English teaching jobs in Hanoi – require a high level of professionalism. By all means, enjoy your free time, but make sure you turn up to school the next day on time, ‘fresh-faced’ and fully prepared for ‘what’s on the agenda’.


TESOL course

The AVSE-TESOL training centre in Hanoi is located in Ba Dinh District, close to the city’s famous ‘Old Quarter’ (see above). Ba Dinh District is a mix of residential dwellings, small businesses, and light industrial activity. There are plenty of grocery shops and places to grab a bite to eat within walking distance of the TESOL accommodation. Taking a leisurely stroll in the backstreets and alleyways that are a feature of Ba Dinh District is a delightful way to spend time and experience the ‘real Vietnam’.


Ba Dinh District, Hanoi


With plenty of government schools and English Language Centres in the neighbourhoods surrounding AVSE-TESOL, you will be mixing with expats and others who are already teaching in Hanoi. These folks will be a terrific source of information and support.

Our TESOL programme in Hanoi comes with ‘hands-on’ job support. We take this commitment very seriously. Once you’ve submitted your course-related assessment tasks (typically in week 4), AVSE-TESOL staff will work with you to locate the best English teaching jobs in Hanoi or elsewhere if that’s your preference. Most graduates of the TESOL programme at AVSE-TESOL have a paid teaching job lined up within a day or two of finishing their course; such is the demand for teachers with quality TESOL certification.


Hanoi: course dates

The table below provides dates for the TESOL course at AVSE-TESOL in Hanoi through to late 2022, a link to calculate the tuition fee based on your personal circumstances and a link to apply. You are encouraged to apply at least three months before the course date that is most suitable. Apply now to join the TESOL programme at AVSE-TESOL in Hanoi.


Course datesStatusCalculate your fee, Apply or both
2022: 19 Feb – 16 Mar AvailableCalculate your fee, Apply or both
2022: 19 Mar – 13 April AvailableCalculate your fee, Apply or both
2022: 16 Apr – 11 MayAvailableCalculate your fee, Apply or both
2022: 14 May – 8 JunAvailableCalculate your fee, Apply or both
2022: 11 Jun – 6 JulyAvailableCalculate your fee, Apply or both
2022: 9 Jul – 3 AugAvailableCalculate your fee, Apply or both
2022: 6 Aug – 31 AugAvailableCalculate your fee, Apply or both
2022: 3 Sep – 28 SepAvailableCalculate your fee, Apply or both
2022: 1 Oct – 26 OctAvailableCalculate your fee, Apply or both
2022: 29 Oct – 23 NovAvailableCalculate your fee, Apply or both
2022: 26 Nov – 21 DecAvailableCalculate your fee, Apply or both

Hanoi – Contact Details

Street address:AVSE-TESOL (Hanoi)
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Email address (secondary): evie@avse.edu.vn
Telephone number (Vietnamese & English):

+84 906 284 339 (international)

0906 284 339 (local)

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