Teaching English in Vietnam Blog – Review 


The Teaching English in Vietnam Blog on the AVSE-TESOL website is well-worth visiting if you have any passing thoughts about teaching English as a second language (ESL) in Vietnam, if you’ve already locked in your trip to Vietnam, or if you’re simply curious about teach and travel opportunities. You’ll surely find something on AVSE-TESOL’s Vietnam Blog page that will capture your interest.  There are posts for all-comers, with enough riveting reading to occupy the better part of a weekend.


Vietnam Blog Review AVSE-TESOL


Most of the posts in the AVSE-TESOL Teaching English in Vietnam Blog were written by Peter Goudge. He’s the Managing Director (and owner) of AVSE-TESOL. Peter comes from Melbourne, Australia, but he has called Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, ‘home’ for the past 16+ years.


When Peter first arrived in Vietnam, he took an ESL teaching job in Vinh Long Province in the Mekong Delta. At the end of the twelve-month contract in Vinh Long, Peter moved to a Director of Studies position at SaigonTech, a highly respected tertiary institution in Ho Chi Minh City.  SaigonTech is located at the end of Quang Trung Street in Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City. While commuting to and from SaigonTech Peter noticed a vacant, three-story building at 1300 Quang Trung Street – the home of AVSE-TESOL in Ho Chi Minh City since 2009.


What you’ll find

Here’s a quick summary of posts that you’ll find on the Teaching English in Vietnam Blog on the AVSE-TESOL website:


  • Teaching English in Vietnam without a degree – Yes / No?
  • An Alternative to Teaching English in Vietnam without a Degree
  • Teaching English in Hanoi – five things to do on arrival
  • Teaching English in Hanoi – don’t forget insurance
  • Teaching English in Hanoi to clear student (loan) debt
  • Teaching English in Ho Chi Minh City – getting started as an ESL teacher
  • Ho Chi Minh City – local people and opportunities
  • Ho Chi Minh City – a brilliant place for a gap year
  • TESOL course in Hanoi – four important inclusions
  • How to notarise and legalise your TESOL Certificate in Vietnam
  • Eight questions to ask before you sign up for a TESOL course in Vietnam
  • Prepping for ESL Job Interviews
  • Quality TEFL with real job support
  • Feedback from former students is invaluable
  • Do some taxi homework before arriving in Vietnam
  • Tips for teaching English as a second language


Vietnam Blog Review AVSE-TESOL


Regularly updated

The team at AVSE-TESOL in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi make a point of adding new posts and freshening up old posts on their Vietnam Blog with noticeable regularity. Conversely, most other Teaching English in Vietnam Blog pages I found while researching this article are full of excitement at the beginning but left to fade into obscurity in the bowels of the internet. In fairness, this might have something to do with the transient nature of the profession. TESOL providers and ESL teachers from the four corners of the world come and go, but AVSE-TESOL has stood the test of time – and the global pandemic that decimated the ESL teaching and learning industry. Equally important, I’m advised that AVSE-TESOL in Vietnam (and in Australia and Cambodia) has the next generation of leaders already in place, most of whom are women. Just as AVSE-TESOL has been around seemingly since Jesus was a boy, you can be confident that their Vietnam blog will figure prominently in Google search results for years to come.


I asked the good people at AVSE-TESOL about posts that are currently ‘work in progress’. ‘Watch this space’ was the initial response, but persistence did provide some insight. Among other things, look out for posts on:


  • ‘Freebies’ with the TESOL programme at AVSE-TESOL in Vietnam and Cambodia
  • The five best Language Schools to teach ESL in Vietnam
  • Pay later options with the TESOL programme at AVSE-TESOL
  • Affordable travel insurance options for AVSE-TESOL trainees


There’s no doubt about it. The Teaching English in Vietnam Blog on the AVSE-TESOL website contains fascinating articles that readers will enjoy. Most posts have been crafted by AVSE-TESOL’s Managing Director, Peter Goudge. His years of experience in all matters ‘teaching ESL in Vietnam’ are on display for all to see in AVSE-TESOL’s Vietnam blog – what to do on arrival, gap year opportunities, pay off your student debt, tips for teaching ESL in Vietnam – and the list goes on.  So, if you have some time spare this weekend, have a look at AVSE-TESOL’s Vietnam Blog. You’ll be pleased that you did.


About the writer: Pamela Cove is a university student at Charles Darwin University in Darwin, Australia. Pamela met Peter Goudge, the Managing Director (and owner) of AVSE-TESOL, by chance at the Sailing Club in Darwin when he visited there in July 2022. Pamela agreed to check out the Vietnam blog on the AVSE-TESOL website and share her views in a post. As a result, she’s planning to teach English in Vietnam from mid-2023, with help from AVSE-TESOL.