Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme


While AVSE-TESOL’s core business is delivering Australian Government accredited TESOL programmes in Vietnam and Cambodia, we recognise that we’re not the only provider of quality English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher training. If you already hold TESOL/TEFL certification of substance, our Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme is a brilliant pathway to secure your first ESL teaching job in Vietnam or Cambodia. Given the inclusions and the outcome, this programme is equally suitable for newcomers to teaching English abroad – and experienced ESL teachers who are newcomers to teaching in Vietnam or Cambodia.

The Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme at AVSE-TESOL in HanoiHo Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh is ideal for folks who hold government-regulated TESOL/TEFL certification (nationally recognised training in the country of origin). Does this sound like you? If so, we’re offering to extend a helping hand, ensure that you’re settled in your teaching destination, attuned to what local employers (schools) expect – and, importantly, in a paid teaching job within AVSE’s extensive network of partner schools – all of this within two weeks of your arrival. The Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme at AVSE-TESOL removes the guesswork and insecurity connected with travelling to Vietnam or Cambodia and finding your way in unfamiliar surroundings.


Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme AVSE-TESOL


What’s included?

Here’s a snapshot of what’s included with AVSE-TESOL’s Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme:

  • Designated ‘go to’ person for pre-departure guidance (visa, insurance, vaccinations…)
  • Accommodation within walking distance of the AVSE-TESOL Training Centre for the first nine days
  • Assistance with a local SIM Card and internet access
  • Welcome party (in conjunction with our regular TESOL classes)
  • Cultural immersion workshop
  • Introduction to partner schools
  • Six hours of observing ESL classes at partner schools
  • Eight hours of teaching actual ESL classes at partner schools (the first six hours are critically assessed)
  • Hands-on employment support (referrals, interview preparation, CV development and the like)
  • Guidance with changing your visa status, permanent accommodation and other pertinent issues

Throughout the Teaching Jobs abroad Programme, AVSE will be by your side – a trusted partner – until you’re living like a ‘seasoned campaigner’ in your chosen teaching destination.

We’ll take care of your accommodation for the first nine days. Sorting out your cell phone with a local SIM card and accessing the internet will be priorities immediately after your arrival. In conjunction with our regular TESOL classes, you’ll have the opportunity to attend a Welcome Party in the evening on day one (complimentary food and drinks). The Welcome Party affords the opportunity to make a bunch of new friends – all of whom are on a similar mission – within a matter of hours of your arrival. AVSE-TESOL staff will make sure you know how to get to all the important places – shops, supermarkets, banks, restaurants, your embassy, transport modes, where to find a decent coffee, a cold beer, the best sandwich and any other ‘must have’ on your personal list.


Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme AVSE-TESOL


Once you’ve acclimatised and know your way around the city where you’ll live that long-held dream to teach English abroad, nailing down a decent teaching job that pays at least market rates becomes the priority. Job placement involves three simple and easy-to-navigate steps.

Step one; Observation classes

Your designated support person at AVSE-TESOL will arrange six hours of observation classes at partner schools. What does this involve? You’ll observe actual ESL classes in a real school environment. We pair you with three or four experienced ESL teachers, and you spend time observing their classes. You’ll see different approaches to teaching and learning and get a feel for what it’s like working with local students. In addition, the observation classes provide a stress-free introduction to working as an ESL teacher in a new location.

Step two: Teaching actual ESL classes

Once your six hours of observation classes are done and dusted (step one), you’re given the opportunity to physically teach eight hours of ESL classes at partner schools. AVSE will provide the content for your classes and lesson planning support. The first six hours of teaching actual ESL classes will be supervised and critically assessed by an experienced local ESL teacher. You’ll receive constructive verbal feedback after each class. It’s all about identifying what worked well in a local context, what didn’t and doing even better next time. The last two hours in this phase are unsupervised.

Step three: Transition to employment

By the time you reach step three, the transition to employment phase, you will: 1. know your way around Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Phnom Penh, 2. have visited different schools while fulfilling commitments under the Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme, and 3. be ready to hit the ground running as an ESL teacher. AVSE-TESOL staff will help you prepare a Curriculum Vitae (Resume) that’s responsive to local expectations. We’ll even schedule mock interviews if it would be helpful. But, most importantly, we’ll refer you directly to the decision-makers in our extensive job placement network – the very schools where you’ve already spent time observing and teaching ESL classes.

The AVSE-TESOL team will be by your side until you’re in a paid teaching job.


US $550.00 (all inclusive)

What’s next?

At US $550.00, it’s a brilliant deal – designated ‘go to’ person for pre-departure guidance (visa, insurance, vaccinations, and the like), accommodation for the first nine days, a Welcome party with other aspiring ESL teachers, cultural immersion workshop, observation classes, teaching ‘practice’ opportunities in a supportive environment, an ongoing teaching job paid at market rates and a lot more.

“Sign me up for the Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme at AVSE-TESOL”, I hear you say. Simply complete and submit the Enrolment form immediately below, and you’ll be in a brilliant ESL teaching job in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Phnom Penh quicker than you think.


Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme AVSE-TESOL

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