Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme
AVSE's 'Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme' is perfect for people who hold valid TESOL or TEFL certification and are motivated to start a top job teaching English in Vietnam or Cambodia in 14 days or less, with the right work visa, housing, real support - and no worries.

US $750.00: visa & insurance guidance, accommodation x 9 nights, practicum x 14 hours, cultural immersion workshop, vetted job placement, ongoing support – and much more.

How it works:

You already hold the necessary qualifications to work as an English teacher in Vietnam or Cambodia. 

Select your destination for the Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme – Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Phnom Penh.


Complete the enrolment form at the bottom of this page (3 minutes max) and then click the ‘Send’ button.

Do a fully-supported practicum over 9 days at AVSE-TESOL in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Phnom Penh.


Start work as a well-paid ESL teacher at a vetted partner school in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Phnom Penh.

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Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme New AVSE-TESOL
Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme New AVSE-TESOL
Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme New AVSE-TESOL
Just what you need to get started

While AVSE-TESOL’s core business is delivering Australian Government accredited TESOL programmes, we recognise that we’re not the only provider of quality English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher training. If you already hold TESOL/TEFL certification of substance, our Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme is a brilliant pathway to secure your first ESL teaching job in Vietnam or Cambodia. Given the inclusions and the outcome, this programme is equally suitable for newcomers to teaching English abroad – and experienced ESL teachers who are newcomers to teaching in Vietnam or Cambodia.


Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme New AVSE-TESOL


The Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme at AVSE in HanoiHo Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh is ideal for folks who hold government-regulated TESOL/TEFL certification (nationally recognised training in the country of origin). Does this sound like you? If so, we’ll extend a helping hand by: 1. ensuring a ‘no fuss’ arrival in your chosen city, 2. assisting with assimilation and an immediate social network, 3. honing your practical teaching skills over nine days – and, importantly, 4. placing you in a paid ESL teaching job with a vetted partner school. You can reasonably expect to be in a paid teaching job within two weeks of your arrival. This terrific programme removes the guesswork and insecurity connected with travelling to Vietnam or Cambodia and finding your way in unfamiliar surroundings.

 What’s included?

Here’s a snapshot of what’s included with AVSE-TESOL’s Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme:

  • Designated ‘go to’ person for pre-departure guidance (visa, insurance, vaccinations…)
  • Accommodation within walking distance of the AVSE-TESOL Training Centre for the first nine days
  • Assistance with a local SIM Card and internet access
  • Welcome party (in conjunction with our regular TESOL classes)
  • Cultural immersion workshop
  • Introduction to partner schools
  • Six hours of observing ESL classes at partner schools
  • Eight hours of teaching actual ESL classes at partner schools (the first six hours are critically assessed)
  • Hands-on employment support (referrals, interview preparation, CV development and the like)
  • Guidance with changing your visa status, permanent accommodation and other pertinent issues


Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme New AVSE-TESOL


Throughout the Teaching Jobs abroad Programme, AVSE will be by your side – a trusted partner – until you’re living like a ‘seasoned campaigner’ in your chosen teaching destination.

We’ll take care of your accommodation for the first nine days. Sorting out your cell phone with a local SIM card and accessing the internet will be priorities immediately after your arrival. In conjunction with our regular TESOL classes, you’ll have the opportunity to attend a Welcome Party in the evening on day one (complimentary food and drinks). The Welcome Party affords the opportunity to make a bunch of new friends – all of whom are on a similar mission – within a matter of hours of your arrival. AVSE-TESOL staff will make sure you know how to get to all the important places – shops, supermarkets, banks, restaurants, your embassy, transport modes, where to find a decent coffee, a cold beer, the best sandwich and any other ‘must have’ on your personal list.



Once you’ve acclimatised and know your way around the city where you’ll live that long-held dream to teach English abroad, nailing down a decent teaching job that pays at least market rates becomes the priority. Job placement involves three easy-to-navigate components: 1. observation classes, 2. teaching actual classes (supervised), and 3. transition to employment.


Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme New AVSE-TESOL


Observation classes

Your designated support person at AVSE-TESOL will arrange six hours of observation classes at partner schools. What does this involve? You’ll observe actual ESL classes in a real school environment. We pair you with three or four experienced ESL teachers, and you spend time observing their classes. You’ll see different approaches to teaching and learning and get a feel for what it’s like working with local students. In addition, the observation classes provide a stress-free introduction to working as an ESL teacher in a new location.

Teaching actual ESL classes (supervised)

Once your six hours of observation classes are done and dusted, you’re given the opportunity to physically teach eight hours of ESL classes at partner schools. AVSE will provide the content for your classes and lesson planning support. The first six hours of teaching actual ESL classes will be supervised and critically assessed by an experienced local ESL teacher. You’ll receive constructive, verbal feedback after each class. It’s all about identifying what worked well in a local context, what didn’t and doing even better next time. The last two hours in this phase are unsupervised.


Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme New AVSE-TESOL


Step three: Transition to employment

By the time you reach the transition to employment phase, you will: 1. know your way around Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Phnom Penh, 2. have visited different schools while fulfilling commitments under the Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme, and 3. be ready to hit the ground running as an ESL teacher. AVSE-TESOL staff will help you prepare a Curriculum Vitae (Resume) that’s responsive to local expectations. We’ll even schedule ‘mock interviews’ if it would be helpful. But, most importantly, we’ll refer you directly to the decision-makers in our extensive job placement network – the very schools where you’ve already spent time observing and teaching ESL classes.

The AVSE-TESOL team will be by your side until you’re in a paid teaching job, typically by the end of week two – within 14 days of your arrival.

What’s next?

At US $750.00, it’s a brilliant deal – designated ‘go to’ person for pre-departure guidance (visa, insurance, vaccinations, and the like), accommodation for the first nine days, a Welcome party with other aspiring ESL teachers, cultural immersion workshop, observation classes, teaching ‘practice’ opportunities in a supportive environment, job placement in our network of partner schools – and much more.

“Sign me up for the Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme at AVSE-TESOL”, I hear you say. Simply complete and submit the Enrolment form immediately below, and you’ll be in a brilliant ESL teaching job in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Phnom Penh quicker than you think.


Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme New AVSE-TESOL





Blog Post:

What’s Great About Teaching Jobs Abroad?


Wake up every morning to the exotic sounds of a foreign city. Savour the aroma of jasmine or lotus-scented tea floating in through your open window. Then a myriad of other sounds and smells remind you – again – that you’re no longer in ‘the burbs’ where you grew up! No, you’re one of the many lucky folks who have found teaching jobs abroad. Your world now brims with limitless possibilities, in more ways than one! You are in fact living the dream. Or your dream at least! What is so great about teaching abroad? Read on.


Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme New AVSE-TESOL


Teaching Jobs Abroad Offer Financial Security

Teaching abroad is not only the gateway to an adventure. It’s also an opportunity to enrich your life professionally, personally, and financially! For example, ESL teachers in Vietnam tell me they are saving between US $500.00 and US $1000.00 a month after expenses. That’s without cutting corners, doing without, or making ‘do’. Imagine watching your bank balance grow, month after month, by US $500.00 to US $1,000.00. It wouldn’t happen in my native Australia.

Many of these teachers work around 25 hours a week in class (give or take), and enjoy a (very) comfortable lifestyle. Combine that with a low tax rate and low cost of living and you begin to appreciate just why teaching abroad can set you up for a good lifestyle, or if you’re an old ‘fella’ – retirement. If you can also have a ton of fun along the way – so much the better in my opinion!

Teaching Jobs Abroad Offer ‘Serious’ Adventure

In ‘girt by sea’ countries like Australia, international travel means boarding a plane, or cruise liner, and jetting/sailing off to exotic overseas locations. That’s not the case in many other countries, including Vietnam and Cambodia, where I spent my time teaching abroad. 

Almost all countries in Southeast Asia  have common boundaries with other countries. That makes ‘across border’ travel to exotic foreign countries as convenient as hopping on a train, or taking a ‘Sunday’ drive. A few hours, or less, and you’re at your foreign destination, ready for an exciting weekend ‘abroad’. Back home in Australia, a few hours will only get you to the closest town or city in your own state!


Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme New AVSE-TESOL


So, imagine finishing up in the classroom on a Friday afternoon and heading off somewhere interesting and different for a few days. Some place where you can explore new scenery, experience a different culture, hear other languages and dialects. It’s the stuff of dreams, right?

What you may not know (yet) is that it’s entirely possible to make this dream a reality through AVSE’s Teaching Jobs Abroad programme. Indeed, if you’ve ever had a yearning to experience life in like Vietnam, or Cambodia, this programme is definitely for you. What is AVSE’s Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme? It’s a safe, secure pathway for teachers who hold a government-regulated TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certification to start teaching abroad – without all the usual headaches. Check out the following link: https://rb.gy/ru2v6

Even if wanderlust isn’t in your blood, there are many other reasons to choose a teaching career that takes you overseas. Here are a few that immediately come to mind.


Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme New AVSE-TESOL


Cultural Immersion

There’s nothing like living and working in another country for providing cultural immersion opportunities. It gives you firsthand experience of different customs, traditions, and languages, broadens your horizons, helps foster personal growth – and enhances your understanding of intercultural communication. Those are all invaluable assets for a teacher, regardless of where you’re teaching.

Professional Development 

Teaching English language skills to students already living in an English-speaking country is an important job, and one to be proud of. However, imagine how much you’ll develop as a teacher if you’re teaching those same skills to non-native speakers in a non-English speaking country! Think about the ways in which engaging with students from different cultural backgrounds will broaden your pedagogical skills, and the value it will add to your teaching career.

You’ll also have opportunities to:

– Learn about different educational systems,

– Exchange ideas and best practices with teachers from other countries, and

– Broaden your professional horizons and knowledge base.

Those are priceless assets that will help you grow both as an individual and professionally.


Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme New AVSE-TESOL


Global Networking Possibilities

In today’s global world, having an extensive global network opens many professional doors and opportunities. Teaching abroad is an ideal way to build this network firsthand because many countries, like Vietnam and Cambodia, employ a lot of international teachers. Being on the ground, increases your chances of being able to collaborate directly with these people to exchange ideas, teaching methodologies, resources, and contacts. This could lead to possibilities you’ve not even thought about yet – professional advancement, international collaboration, research opportunities, and more.

Language Skills Acquisition

Even if you’re teaching your language to non-native English speakers, how cool would it be to speak the language of your students! While speaking anything other than English in an English language classroom is a huge ’no, no’, being able to converse with local people in their language outside of the classroom would allow you to live like a local in all aspects of everyday life. Not many people have that opportunity.

Personal Growth & Resilience

There’s no doubt that teaching jobs abroad can help you grow as an individual – personally and professionally. In particular, you’ll find that rising to the challenges of life in a foreign country is both character building and enlightening!

You have to conquer language barriers and adapt to different cultures and values. When you do, your self-esteem, self-confidence, and independence grows enormously. However, just as importantly – you’ll find yourself emerging from the experience with a lot more tolerance and understanding of what non-native speakers face in English-speaking communities. That will make you a better teacher, and a more empathetic person generally.

You’ll develop problem-solving and decision-making skills you’ve probably never even thought about acquiring! Moreover, I’m sure you’ll develop an appreciation for how lucky you are to be living and working abroad – and experiencing life outside of your comfort Zone. Not everyone is this fortunate!


Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme New AVSE-TESOL


Making A Difference

Education opens doors. Equips people with the skills and knowledge they need to reach their full potential. As a teacher – whether teaching abroad or at home – you help develop these assets for your students, and ultimately make a difference in people’s lives. You can inspire and empower them to become the best they can be. Develop that egalitarian streak you didn’t know you had lurking deep inside!

How Do You Find Great Teaching Jobs Abroad?

One of the best ways to find great teaching jobs overseas is to join a programme like AVSE’s Teaching Jobs Abroad. These programmes offer a reliable pathway to overseas teaching employment. Suitably qualified teachers are invariably highly sought after in many countries, particularly in Vietnam and Cambodia. What’s the minimum qualification for the Teaching Jobs Abroad programme at AVSE-TESOL? Government-regulated TESOL, TEFL or CELTA certification.


About the writer: Garry Carpenter completed the Teaching Jobs Programme at AVSE-TESOL in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in late 2022. After a six month stint teaching English in Cambodia, Garry returned to Darwin in Australian to start a Masters Degree in TESOL.