Jobs Galore for Filipino Teachers in Vietnam


There has never been a better time than right now for qualified or aspiring Filipino English teachers to secure well-paid teaching jobs in Vietnam. Qualified means, a university degree, government-regulated TESOL, TEFL or CELTA certification, an English proficiency test result at C1 level (CEFR) or higher and a clear background check. Aspiring means everything that’s required to be considered ‘qualified’, other than government-regulated TESOL, TEFL or CELTA certification. If you’re in the ‘aspiring’ camp, the friendly folks at AVSE-TESOL can put you through their in-class (or online) Australian Government accredited TESOL programme in Ho Chi Minh City and you’ll be in a great ESL teaching job in no time. I will come back to this point towards the end of the article.



Vietnam is crying out for English teachers. So, if you’re a Filipino teacher looking for great opportunities to expand your horizons, experience adventure, explore new situations, and make a difference in the lives of others, look no further. You’ve found the perfect job. The demand for Filipino teachers in Vietnam is huge.


It’s noteworthy that Filipino Teachers in Vietnam are paid at a rate that’s typically three, four and even five times higher than what’s possible in the Philippines, but the cost of living is similar. Filipino teachers can live a very comfortable lifestyle in Vietnam. Without cutting corners, it’s possible for Filipino teachers to save money for their own future – and support their family in the Philippines.


Popularity of Filipino Teachers in Vietnam

One of the things I’ve noticed over my years in Vietnam is how much the local people love Filipino English teachers. It has a lot to do with their professional mindset, great work ethic, and good educational background! These qualities often give Filipinos a distinct advantage when it comes to getting teaching jobs in Vietnam. However, it’s not just about what you can do for them, but also what a teaching job in Vietnam can do for you – and your extended family.


Filipino Teachers in Vietnam AVSE-TESOL


Career Advancement for Experienced Filipino Teachers

If you’re a qualified English Teacher in the context of what’s required in Vietnam, there’s every reason to believe that you’ll be in a terrific ESL teaching job shortly after you arrive in Vietnam, especially if you complete the Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme over nine days at AVSE-TESOL in Ho Chi Minh City. Again, I will provide specific details about programmes offered by AVSE-TESOL later on.


It’s common for Filipino Teachers who are already qualified and experienced in their home country or abroad, to take on ‘senior teacher’ and managerial positions in universities, colleges, government schools and private language schools the length and breadth of Vietnam. Why? Experienced Filipino teachers who find their way to Vietnam tend to be highly educated, professionally-minded – and adaptable.


Opportunities for Newcomers to ESL Teaching

Government-regulated TESOL certification at AVSE-TESOL in Ho Chi Minh City is just the beginning for Filipinos who aspire to teach English in Vietnam, but have limited or no experience working as an ESL Teacher. By way of a reminder, folks in this ‘camp’ will have an undergraduate degree (any discipline), an English Proficiency test result at C1 level or higher and a clear background check. What can a ‘newbie’ Filipino English Teacher in Vietnam expect? Newcomers can expect adventures, opportunities, appreciation and career pathways. Typically, a new person to teaching ESL in Vietnam will start with a job at an English Language Centre, then move to a senior ESL teaching position, next, a job as an IELTS educator (or similar) – and perhaps even a university posting. Let’s drill down on the usual career pathway for a Filipino who is new to teaching English in Vietnam.


Filipino Teachers in Vietnam AVSE-TESOL


Base-grade ESL Teacher

Most newcomers to teaching English, regardless of whether the job placement is abroad or in their home country, start their career as a base-grade ESL educator. Often, this will involve teaching ESL classes 20 to 25 hours a week (in-class), with preparation work mostly done as unpaid work outside of class. You’re probably thinking that the unpaid work component is grossly unfair. I agree, but such is the work life of a professionally-minded ESL teacher. The good news is that time spent preparing lessons becomes markedly less as you gain experience. Schools in Vietnam expect teachers to take classes from young learners through to adults. Now is not the time to be picky in my opinion. As a newcomer, it’s imperative to get a foothold in the profession.


Move Up the Ranks to a Senior ESL Teacher Position

With plenty of classroom hours under your belt, you may advance to a senior ESL teaching position. In this role, you’ll take on more responsibilities – mentoring ‘newbie’ ESL teachers, getting involved in curriculum development, taking on administrative activities and suchlike. Your salary will go up a notch commensurate with your growing experience, and expertise. As a senior ESL teacher in Vietnam, almost certainly your time in the classroom will be less and you’ll have more say about the classes you take.


Become an IELTS Instructor

As IELTS score is used internationally as a way of assessing English language proficiency for various purposes such as university entrance abroad, immigration to English-speaking countries and for professional and academic roles that require a high proficiency in English. Achieving a decent IELTS score can be a life-changing event for students in the sense that it can open doors for a better future.


Filipino Teachers in Vietnam AVSE-TESOL


Filipino Teachers in Vietnam who work as an IELTS Instructor are responsible for providing training and guidance to help people get their desired IELTS test score. IELTS Instructors have advanced skill sets in English language teaching, test taking strategies and the like. Typically, an IELTS Instructor in Vietnam is paid around 30% higher (+/-) than a mainstream ESL teacher. Can you see yourself working as an IELTS Instructor in Vietnam? Certainly, there are plenty of job opportunities.


How About Managing an English Language Centre?

Vietnam has many English Language Centres. They’re everywhere. English Language Centres in Vietnam are often looking for experienced educators for managerial roles. As the Manager of an English Language Centre in Vietnam you’d oversee the daily operations of the facility along with supervising teachers and staff members. You’d also get involved in the design, development, and delivery of language programmes along with ensuring their quality and relevance for the market. Language Centre Managers are usually very well paid. Often, there will be a base salary and financial incentives to build the student numbers.


University or College Lecturer and Beyond

If you’re ambitious, aim higher and move into the realms of tertiary education as a university or college Lecturer. Many tertiary institutions in Vietnam deliver programmes exclusively in English. ‘SaigonTech’ in Ho Chi Minh City, were I used to work before establishing AVSE-TESOL is a terrific example. As an experienced ESL teacher, you may find that working at a university or college is a perfect fit, if so, ‘the sky is the limit’ – College Lecturer, Senior College Lecturer, Deputy Director of Studies at a university of college, Director of Studies at a university or college – or even higher. How proud will you be? How proud will your family be?


Filipino Teachers in Vietnam AVSE-TESOL


Other Reasons to Consider Teaching in Vietnam

We’ve looked at the career possibilities for Filipino Teachers in Vietnam, but there is a raft of other excellent reasons why you should be on the next available flight from Nino Aquino Airport in Manila to Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. Here is a random selection of those reasons:


Competitive Salaries: I have already noted the attractive salaries on offer, directly and indirectly, a few times in the article, but given that better wages and conditions are key reasons why so many Filipino folks choose to work abroad, it’s worth mentioning again. Filipino Teachers in Vietnam are offered a very attractive salary compared to what they’re used to at home – often three, four and even five times higher. When you factor in the similar cost of living in Vietnam and the Philippines, you can see there is real potential to earn decent money to support your family and move forward with your life.


It’s Just a Short Plane Trip Home: Many Filipinos who work abroad find themselves on the other side of world and in unfamiliar surroundings. That won’t be the case if you were working as a Filipino Teacher in Vietnam. You’ll be a mere three-hour (+/-) plane trip from home and working in an environment that’s similar in many ways to your home country. You could fly back to the Philippines quite regularly to see your family and friends. Certainly, you’ll be earning enough to do that comfortably, perhaps two or three times a year.


Filipino Teachers in Vietnam AVSE-TESOL


Similar Time Zone: The time difference between the Philippines and Vietnam is only one hour. That makes catching up via FaceTime, Zoom, Skype and the like both convenient and practical.


Similar Climate, Environment and Culture: There won’t be much acclimatising to do when you move from the Philippines to Vietnam. Like home, Vietnam has a tropical climate with two main seasons in the south – wet and dry. You will also notice many similarities between Filipino culture, cuisine, flora, fauna and lifestyle in general. This is all going to help you feel right at home teaching in Vietnam.


Same Focus on Tourism:  Both the Philippines and Vietnam rely heavily on tourism, particularly from English-speaking countries. The booming tourism industry in the Philippines and Vietnam is a key reason why there is such a focus on learning English in both countries – and why English teachers are in such high demand. 


Filipino Teachers in Vietnam AVSE-TESOL


Warm, Friendly People: Like Filipinos, Vietnamese people are warm, friendly, and welcoming. There is a great deal of respect for teachers in Vietnam, something you’ll be familiar with because it’s the same in the Philippines. Indeed, teachers in both countries are highly valued and considered important members of society who play a vital role in the overall economy and prosperity of the country. This is in marked contrast to some western countries where teachers are often – and regrettably – treated with a distinct lack of respect. My native Australia is a prime example.


Join Other Filipino Teachers in Vietnam

At AVSE-TESOL in Ho Chi Minh City, our number one priority is helping people like you embark on new and exciting journeys in the world of teaching English abroad. So, in response to the huge demand for Filipino Teachers in Vietnam, AVSE-TESOL has put together three secure pathways, which I’m positive you will find attractive, to brilliant ESL teaching jobs in Vietnam. Read on.


Pathway One – In-Class TESOL Programme in Ho Chi Minh City: Ho Chi Minh City is the epicentre of English language teaching and learning in Vietnam. It’s a vibrant, diverse, and friendly city that seemingly never sleeps. At any given time, there are markedly more job opportunities for Filipino English Teachers in Ho Chi Minh City, and elsewhere across Vietnam, than there are suitably qualified people to fill the jobs. Regardless of whether you plan to make Ho Chi Minh City your ‘forever’ teaching destination – or if you’re just passing through, you’ll love the place. There is something interesting to see and do around every corner.


Filipino Teachers in Vietnam AVSE-TESOL


AVSE-TESOL’s Australian Government accredited in-class TESOL programme in Ho Chi Minh City adheres to a ‘9-Point Playbook’ that guarantees the following:


  • Pre-programme support
  • Right work visa
  • Help and advice with insurance
  • Hands-on job support
  • Supportive friends and mentors
  • Teaching knowledge and skills
  • Australian Government accredited TESOL certification
  • Accommodation for 25 nights
  • Post programme support
  • …….and much more


You can learn about the Australian Government accredited in-class TESOL programme at AVSE-TESOL in Ho Chi Minh City via the following link:


Filipino Teachers in Vietnam AVSE-TESOL


Pathway Two – Online TESOL Programme: Our online Australian Government accredited TESOL programme provides you with exactly the same skill sets, knowledge and government-regulated TESOL certification as our in-class programme. The only difference is that you complete the theory units of the programme online at your own pace, from wherever you happen to be. Once you’ve completed the online component, you lock in a plan to fly to Ho Chi Minh City to do your TESOL practicum. From there, work visa and insurance guidance, hands-on job support, help with accommodation and the like all swing into action.


You can learn about the Australian Government accredited online TESOL programme at AVSE-TESOL via the following link:



Filipino Teachers in Vietnam AVSE-TESOL


Pathway Three – Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme: Although we think our TESOL programme in Vietnam (and Cambodia) is the best of the best, we recognise there are other institutions that offer government-regulated TESOL programmes. If you already hold government-regulated TESOL, TEFL or CELTA certification, we’re more than happy to help you get started as an ESL teacher in Vietnam (or Cambodia) via our Teaching Jobs Abroad programme. Here are the key inclusions:


  • Pre-programme support – visa, insurance, key documentation
  • Supportive friends and mentors
  • Accommodation for 9 nights
  • Intensive 9-day practicum – real students and real classes
  • Hands-on job support
  • Post programme support
  • …….and much more


You can learn about the Teaching Jobs Abroad Programme at AVSE-TESOL via the following link:


Next Step

There are ESL jobs galore for Filipino Teachers in Vietnam. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned English teacher or a newcomer to the profession, there’s every reason to believe that with AVSE-TESOL in your corner, you’ll be in a brilliant teaching job in Vietnam in record time – like many Filipino people before you.


Jobs for Filipino Teachers in Vietnam offer career pathways and a high-level of respect in the local community. Importantly, teaching English in Vietnam comes with an attractive salary that will allow you to support your family – and move forward with your life. Make the move!


About the writer: Peter Goudge is the Managing Director (and founder) of AVSE-TESOL in Australia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Over the past two decades Peter has been creating pathways for Filipinos and others to teach English in Vietnam and Cambodia. Check out the AVSE-TESOL website: